Texas Leadership Public Schools Addresses Online Threat Hoax

May 5, 2023

Texas Leadership Public Schools Families:

Good morning! This notification is in response to another online threat. This one, however, originated from Florida where police have responded with belief that it is a complete hoax. However, we want to communicate information to you as we are able and become aware, but to also stress that our students’ safety is our greatest priority. Our administrators are aware and will continue with safety taking a priority every day.

Hoax or not, this threat seems to have traveled rather quickly through social media and other means to all parts of the country; including San Angelo.

Our team has made significant gains and taken great steps in making our campuses more secure and safe. Regardless of what the threat may have been, or where it originated, we assure you we take it serious and do not ever wish to become relaxed in our efforts to be safe and keep our students and faculty members safe.



Texas Leadership Administration