Red Ribbon Week! | October 22 - 31, 2021

Hey Tiger Family! Join Elementary and Junior High/High School for Red Ribbon week (Oct 22-31, 2021). The Red Ribbon Campaign serves as a catalyst to mobilize communities, educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities. We know that even one person can make the difference.
Check out both flyers below to see what our campuses have planned. Have any questions? Just let us know!
Monday: Socks and Hat Day
Tuesday: House Color Day
Thursday: Sports Day
Friday: Book Character Day
Monday: Red-y to Rally
Tuesday: Match & Dress Like Your Friend
Wednesday: Wear Your PJs, Slippers, or Onesies
Thursday: Mixed-Matched Clothes, Patterns, Socks, etc.
Friday: Say BOO To Drugs & Bullying (Costume Day, No Masks)
Have any questions? Let us know below!